Licensing/Awarding organizations

Licensing and awarding organizations are looking at highly secure testing environments to ensure complete integrity of their assessments. We understand the highly regulatory nature of their operations and deploy secure systems to operate in various environments. We retain expertise in creating environments where the test publisher can be assured of standard delivery whatever the conditions.

Key subsystems:

  • Question bank repository auto categorized or user defined with 100% security
  • Highly secure network integrated delivery models with complete control to administrator and just in time delivery
  • Unique USB based secure browser solution developed for remote test delivery at 3rd party centres
  • Blended delivery options: online, offline, mixed mode when internet and power is flaky

What else:

  • Easy scheduling which determines who takes the test and when
  • Solution design specific to the kind of exam: licensing or high stake certificate exam,
  • Integration with your in house/3rd party enterprise system
  • Infrastructure planning and option to deliver tests via secure and proctored test centers
  • Advanced biometrics integration to authenticate test takers
  • Scalable model to accommodate spurts and lows

Test and Educational Publishers

We are a partner in developing systems offering great value to test and educational publishing companies in offering a value-add to their markets. Our turnkey systems are the platforms on which assessment products have been built that reach out to millions of students across the world. Our experience underscores the importance of scalability and high ROI required by our partners.

Key subsystems

  • Singular and blended models that can be rapidly deployed for any requirement from large to smaller projects
  • Highly scalable to handle variations in demand without affecting test and assessment schedules
  • Ability to scale quickly in terms of the resources, both human and infrastructure as and when required
  • Extremely high ROI with a complete value provided for the cost incurred

What else:

  • Versatility in delivering solutions for all scenarios- high, medium and low stake assessment scenarios
  • Tools that allow distributed authoring of assessments and delivery over different types of devices
  • Enhanced security systems to protect the integrity of question repositories and test content
  • Analytics that provide granular feedback on performance of the test and the test taker
  • Integration with any type of learning management system
  • Ability to deliver in and overcome all scenarios with various infrastructural bandwidths


Our platform has been used by prominent distance education universities to deliver term and final examinations through third party assessing centers. We have delivered over 500,000 tests and examinations within a span of 27 days with 100% accuracy for a single event. And we understand the context of delivering this in a safe, seamless and high ROI manner.

Key subsystems

  • Biometric authentication devices that assure the identity of the right candidate taking the right examination
  • Seamless scheduling and on-time process from the start to delivery of the test or examination
  • Built in operability to cover through outages of power, internet and other facilities in remote areas
  • IRT powered reports which provide relevant and extensive analysis of performance of the each student as well as test items

What else:

  • Defined solution platforms to conduct diagnostic, formative and summative assessments
  • Versatile authoring tools and a choice of 27 different question types provides complete flexibility to the examiners in testing students optimally
  • Role based security for multi-author environments
  • Rapid authoring of tests and pop quizzes
  • Intuitive and easy test taking interface built on a classic mindmap
  • Defined rubrics for assessment and instant evaluation of results

Corporate Assessments

We have worked on a long-term engagement with assessment companies to power corporate recruitment, compliance and employee assessments as computer based tests. We have undertaken a lot of research in developing adaptive testing models to help gauge the true measure of a candidate’s knowledge and skills. The adaptive model has reinforced the values of reliability and validity of our client’s assessments.

Key subsystems

  • IRT application to help develop adaptive tests in the multipurpose requirement of assessing candidates for their knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Granular analytics on the performance of test takers and the performance of each test item
  • Seamless delivery of the test over various devices
  • Highly advanced tools for test authoring with over 27 different question types

What else

  • Ensure a high amount of integrity and security
  • Biometric identification of candidates in the environ of recruitments
  • Seamless integration of the entire process from scheduling to publishing of results
  • Flexible delivery options through servers or over a cloud
  • Valuable feedback to dovetail into learning management systems to conduct employee performance reviews
  • Categorizes items and categories to create a true adaptive question repository

Test Preparation

Offering anytime and anywhere testing option is an important feature in offering test preparation services. Our services have provided such clients with the option of giving candidates this choice and allowed for a comprehensive preparatory environment.

Key subsystems

  • Allows delivery of tests over various mobile devices and across operating systems
  • Author different question types that suit the delivery over mobile devices
  • Integration with regular computer based testing environment
  • Seamless analysis and integration of performance across various devices

What else:

  • Customizable and cost effective systems providing great value
  • Flexible delivery options through servers or over a cloud
  • Granular and easy to read analysis of performance
  • Instantaneous feedback
  • Intuitive and easy test taking interface built on a classic mindmap